In Win IW-RS224-02

19“ Storage Servergehäuse mit 2HE. Für Intel Grantley Plattform Anwendungen. 24 Trays für 2.5“ Hot-Swap Festplatten. Platz für eine interne 2.5“ Festplatte. Easy-Swap 80x38mm Anti-Vibration PWM Lüfter. Unterstützt 6Gb/s SATA/SAS Backplanes.

Weitere Informationen

Case Size




Frontpanel Color


Front Ports


USB 2.0 Ports

1 Port

Front Control Panel

ID Switch, NMI, Power, Reset

Front Indicator

HDD, LANs, Power Status, System Fail Activity LEDs

M/B Form Factor

ATX (12″ x 9.6″), CEB (12″ x 10.5″), EEB (12″ x 13″)


Mini-SAS (6Gb/s Supported)

I/O Expansion Slot

7 (Low Profile)

2.5'' External Drive Bays

24 Bays Hot Swap

2.5'' Internal Drive Bays

1 Bay

Power Supply

Supports Single up to 500Watt or 2U 1+1 Redundant up to 860 Watt

Thermal Solutions

Supports 80 x 38 mm PWM Easy-Swap Fan x 4


SGCC, 1.0mm


Supports up to 1 Air duct, material : mylar Customize design,based on customer m/b demand to design suitable air duct / xxx, Supports up to 1 Power Supply 500Watt P1H-5500V, 1U Single, 500W / 3RAMAP018300, Supports up to 1 Power Supply 500Watt SPI500U4BG, 1U Single, 500W / 3RAMAP017900, Supports up to 1 Power Supply 800Watt SPSINWN05G, 2U Redundant, 800W / 3RAMAP020600, Supports up to 1 Power Supply 860Watt G1W2-5860V3V, 2U Redundant, 860W / 3RAMAP016700, Supports up to 1 Slide Rails 26″ King slide Rail, Ball-bearing / 3RAMIS086301, Supports up to 2 Cables SATA 7PIN to SATA 7PIN, 500mm / 3RAMW4024400, Supports up to 4 Fan 8038mm, PWM, 5500RPM / 3RAMFB007400, Supports up to 6 Cables MINI SAS CABLE 36P/36P, L600, 180°/180° / 3RAMW4027500, Supports up to 6 Cables MINI SAS CABLE 36P/36P, L600, 90°/180° / 3RAMW4027400, Supports up to 6 Cables Mini SAS CABLE 36P/36P, L800 / 3RAMW4024300

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm (w/o Frontpanel)

711 x 482.6 x 87

Packing Dimensions (D x W x H) mm

882 x 577 x 238

Net Weight

11.9 kg

Gross Weight

15.7 kg


on request